Exterior Wood Refinishing

  • Exterior Wood Refinishing

    Exterior Wood Refinishing

  • Residential Wood Refinishing Process

    Residential Wood Refinishing Process

  • Wood Refinishing Northern California

    Wood Refinishing Northern California

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    Willow Creek Ranch

  • Residential Wood Refinishing

    Residential Wood Refinishing

The Preservation and Refinishing of Log Homes and Other Natural Wood Homes

Log homes and natural siding can be truly beautiful especially here in the Northern California foothills. However, weather it is not knowing what products to use or the fear of a bad contractor experience, often times these beautiful homes get neglected.

The good news is, our experienced Walgamuth Painting crew can take old, dark, blackened, and neglected logs and wood siding and give them a clean, fresh look that you will love while giving your home and investment the protection it needs.

We are experienced in stripping failed coatings, safely cleaning the wood, while protecting your landscaping and other finishes, and then applying top of the line coatings to meet your needs.

Our foreman and crew have many years of experience with Sikkens, Flood, and Superdeck stain materials.

Let us help you create a home you will fall in love with all over again.